Friday, March 12, 2010

Shadow Warrior's retreating into the shadows

For about a two or three hours yesterday I ran around on my Shadow Warrior writing down a list of all the things that did not work for me or should have done something that it did not. I then wrote down a list of some things that I thought mythic could do for Shadow Warriors in order to make Shadow Warriors better.

Takedown, our long range slowdown does not apply a slowdown effect to whoever we target. However, the attack does work becuase if you are venegful it does knock down your target like it says it should.

A general knockback issue, If you knock back an opponent all the way off a cliff, even if it would kill you if you jumped off by yourself the knockedback person does not take any damage at all. This means that you can not kill an attaking person by taking advantage of the area that they are standing. If this was different perhaps It would make the Shadow Warrior a more viable class.

So far, besides the lack of damage that many of our attacks do, there are not many things that they can do to be better dps then BW and Sorc's.

Personally, I have three suggestions for things that, Without making the Shadow Warrior do more damage could make them a more viable class.

1: Give them a shorter but less able to be detected in stealth mode
2: increase their move speed by 10%
3: Allow them to crouch in order to take advantage of being out of LOS and make it so that they dont have a large red floating name over their head.

These are some things that I could suggest to make the SW are more viable option for a RDPS class


  1. When you are being knocked off a cliff you will not get any falling damage..regardless of the career which kicked you. This is a good decision imo, because some areas would be otherwise just more pain than they are now.. *waves at Dragonwake*

    And on stealth and move-speed increase.. I don't agree there too. One stealth career per realm..and they get stealth just to be able to close the gap to the enemy. This is good and no further stealth should be put into the game imo, makes fights just annoying. You have why do you need stealth?

    Move speed increase is also not needed..with stuff like odjira etc.. move speed is anyways too fast.

    And crouch is also not needed..There is plenty of stuff out there, where you can take cover..even as an elf. You have just to look around.


  2. Im aware of the fact that you dont take falling damage no matter what knocks you off. The stealth is in order to get to a good vantage point in order to utilise your ranged strenght. Odjira only pop's when you are hit. In talking about a constant move speed buff when you are in skirmish stance in order to get close to where you need to be before the enemy arrives.

    Read Alith Anar: The shadow King and you will understand where I'm getting most of the ideas

    Personally I disagree with you. I dont know whether you have your name show up on screen for you but I know that looking at other ppl the LARGE FLOATING RED LETTERS make it really easy to see where someone is even if they are behind a rock


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