Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Knight of the Blazing Sun Destruction

On the weekend I was catching the end of Highpass Cemetery weekend warfront on one of my Order alts Vladaelius. As per usual everyone on Order went one way and I went the other. A Black Orc on Destruction had the same idea as I did and we had an interesting one on one tank duel. He was a level 18 and I was lvl 12 at the time. I excepted to do about half of his health worth of damage before he ground me to pieces however, when I realized that this guy was not a particularly experienced player I stood so that my back was to the wall and we had a monotonous and everlasting (almost) duel of "who can block more". I ended up with a win with about 1/2 of my health left over and after the duel stood there for about ten seconds wondering how I pulled that off.

My conclusion was the following:

1: The KOBTS aura of you-hit-me-i-hurt-you "On your Guard" is horribly useful in a duel. Every time he hit me I did about 64 damage to him and due to that fact that we were both tanks that was the amount of damage he was doing to me.

2: The Black Orc needs a absorb shield that either is Pop on Command or is a buff like Phantoms Blade for the SM. It is unfair that they have to go to 9 in path of the boss to get a 5 sec shield for around 500 health where the SM can get a buff shield for 10 sec and that 5 sec one.

3: Shield rush is a very useful ability and should be used by any budding KOBTS with a sword and shield.

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