Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first Blog.

Well, this is interesting. In a fit of durned madness I have decided to create a WAR online blog of my own. After about a year of playing I find myself fully and completely addicted to WAR and to Destruction and have therefore decided to prove myself in the world of Bloggers. While I can be commonly go found on my Black Guard Scyrner I can often be found meandering across Gorfang or Iron rock on one of my many alts. I hope readers enjoy my blog and will send me comments and other informations so that I can become the best blogger I can be.

Happy WAR


  1. Well.. Welcome to the Blogosphere ;)


  2. Is really nice to see a new WAR blog. All the best!


About Me

After much deliberation I decided to play a Black Guard in WAR and on my light and fluffy (Order) side I am the Commodore of the guild Flagship on Iron Rock. I spend far too much time on my alts and am therefore not progressing at a speed comparative to most WAR addicts. I have journeyed into the damned world of WoW for about a year before fleeing in an attempt to retain a small amount of sanity. See you in WAR :)