Monday, March 15, 2010

Destroying Tier 1 no matter who you are :)

Forget the fact that the Shadow Warrior has a multitude of abilities that don't work they are still able to (like any other RDPS) dominate the RvR and Scenario's at top levels.

Yesterday I had a jaunt through Nordenwatch, Howling Gorge, and Gates of Ekrund.

While Nordenwatch is not the most RDPS friendly scenario of the three I was still successful at destroying my Destroy opponents and ending the Scenario with 0 deaths and 15 deathblows, This was mainly due to the fact that all of the foes MDPS were happy enough to stand there and let me pelt them with arrows. I discovered, and would like your input) that the ability Spiral Fletched Arrows is far better than Eagle Eye. If you spam Spiral Fletched you will kill them faster than Eagle Eye. Therefore, I have been made to reconsider my previous (mental) declaration of speccing in Scout not skirmisher.

After that I got to Gates of Ekrund and was reassured of my stoic devotion to Scout stance. With the range extension of 10 feet I could hit my opponent’s healers and RDPS (and somewhat cowardly MDPS) on the other side of the broken upper level without them being able to hurt me at all. Again ranking somewhere around 15 or so Deathblows I spent about 5 min (until my next scenario pop) laughing at the poor Goblin Shaman who just kept running back into range :P

Howling Gorge was also a great experience for me as it allowed me to see just how much of an assassin a Skirmishing Shadow Warrior actually is. When one of the enemy Choppas got the Powder keg I hit him with my KD and then pepped him with arrows and both my DOTs. Once he got back up I was able to hit him with my arrows and just watched as he ran away until dead.

The one thing that I learned (truly) from this experience was that no matter what class you are, even if you are considered to be really underpowered *cough*SW and Engi*cough* once you reach a high level in a tier and equip yourself in optimal gear you will be (if you are playing correctly) successful.

For all you people who hit level 7 and just can't play any longer, Hold Out, the End is near, soon you will be able to do something for the good of whatever you are trying to do good (or bad) for.

Good Luck in your WAR

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